Innovation and Technology

"Innovation and ongoing improvement", is one of our core values, deeply inspiring us to constantly push the "Innovation Flywheel", trying to exceed new limits.
This internal effort is spearheaded by an in-house think tank, which maintains constant contact with the High Tech industry and academic research. This knowledge is then incorporated in all our tools, digital applications and methods.

Information System Development

An industry ERP is the "Holy Grail" that will ultimately change the face of construction. We have been developing it for more than a decade, collaborating with specialized software companies in order to assemble this groundbreaking puzzle of management and control tools.

Big Room

Our innovative design management approach, which includes leading the process by creating a "Big Room" has seen much success. This approach is appropriate for Mega-projects on the "Fast Track". This shortens the design time and improves the quality of the product.

Startup Nation

The construction industry is the largest industry in the world, however it is left behind when it comes to the digital revolution. In recent years, large amounts of venture capital has been directed towards the "Construction Tech" around the world; and in Israel in particular. As industry leaders, we see it as a professional mission to collaborate with startup companies, allowing them to gain from our experience and to test new technology on company sites, contributing to both sides