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Open Positions

  • Planning Coordinator

    lead planning and licensing processes in complex engineering projects within the field of execution.

    Responsible for the scheduling and budgeting up until to the execution of the project.

    Challenging and dynamic role with many opportunities to advance and develop!


    Architect or Civil Engineer

    Advanced English abilities

    3 years of planning experience in engineering projects

    Strong command of computerized systems.

    Additional Requirements:

    Can work in an organized and accurate manner, pays attention to details,  good social skills and can work in a team setting.

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  • Project Manager

    We are looking to hire a project manager to lead a large and complex engineering project in its execution phase.

    Must be able to conduct and work with others in front of a wide range of both public and private clients.

    Must be able to manage and lead the project through all stages, and engage in the engineering and commercial aspects of the project, including management, quality control, budgeting, scheduling, client management, etc.


    Must be registered as a civil engineer

    Have 5 years of experience in management/ executing residential buildings

    Additional Requirements:

    Must have the ability to simultaneously work on multiple tasks and prioritize them, as well as have decision making abilities.

    Has broad systematic vision.

    Able to lead with good interpersonal relations.

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