Our Story

WXG was established in 1989 by 2 engineers, Dan Waxman, R.I.P., and Yigal Govrin, after they had spent 17 years working together at Ashtrom, a leading Israeli GC.

The company was initially established in Jerusalem and mainly managed infrastructure and development projects.

Within a few years, the company expanded to Tel-Aviv and broadened its expertise to other areas in the field, while building its portfolio with increasingly complex projects.

In 2002, Eng. Guy Geva joined the company, and along with his project management duties, he began assembling the company’s technological-engineering interface.

As Israel exited a recession at the beginning of the millennium, the company grew at a fast rate, while expanding to manage projects in national infrastructure, high rise towers, residential projects, shopping centers, offices, campuses, logistical centers, urban design and more.

The rapid growth of WXG was accompanied by the development of a unique methodology and the implementation of new tools and methods. During those meaningful years, the company developed its professional envelope,  which, along with the recruitment of the best people in the field, has made WXG what it is today.

WXG has won a reputation for being the firm that “delivers the goods,” meeting one goal after the other.

These abilities are rooted in the core values of the company, values of devoted teamwork with our clients and unwavering dedication to reaching our goals.

The Vision

We will be brave partners to our clients, leading projects harmoniously. WXG will diligently develop the engineering management field in Israel.  

Core Values

  • תמונה העליונה Leadership and dedication to results

    We will lead diligently and proactively to achieve project's goals, while being a personal example of these traits to the team.

  • תמונה העליונה Personal empowerment and team spirit

    The source of our strength is effective team work, as we share knowledge and professional experience. We have built an environment which creates opportunities for personal growth and empowerment.

  • תמונה העליונה Professionalism and aspiration to excellence

    We will manage projects thoroughly, while staying committed to the combination of our unique management method for excellent engineering, as well as giving out clients an excellent service experience.

  • תמונה העליונה Innovation and constant improvement

    As leaders in the field, we will persist in research and development. We will implement new management tools in order to take the industry to the next level.

  • תמונה העליונה Integrity and Honesty

    We are dedicated to honesty and transparency between all the participants of the project.



  • Project Management

  • Engineering Supervision

  • Urban Planning

  • We manage the entire duration of the project from start to finish: the design, the licensing, the agreements, and execution, thus allowing us to provide an all-inclusive management experience.
    Our management approach is based on three simple principles-
    First, each project is managed by a partner with extensive design, execution and supervision experience.
    The second principle is that we use strong management methods that are based on the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge).
    Finally, the third principle is that a large amount of a project’s worth is established in the design stage.
    Implementing our three principles allows us to successfully manage complex projects in Israel, and to give great value to our customers over the years.
  • The engineering supervision on our company sites oversees the quality of the contractor's array. Our inspection methods include quality insurance and control and is highly advanced in the field. Supervision work requires a vast amount of knowledge, as it is a multi-disciplined field. As a result of this, the supervision sector of our company was built to handle these challenges.
    The supervision team operates by division into areas of expertise (infrastructure, office buildings, residential buildings, etc.), which ensures that supervisors are as qualified as possible for any given job. In addition, the company operates a number of central control systems for supervising electromechanical systems, for calculating quantities and more. The professional staff is complemented by the CONTROL system developed by the company, which makes checklists and detailed information accessible to every inspector in the company.
  • The land in Israel is a limited resource, and enhancement through town planning processes is in many ways the most economically responsible action that can be taken by a developer. This insight was the basis for the establishment of the company's Urban Planning division, which has, since its inception, become a leader in its field in Israel.
    The division, managed by senior architect Gali Dolev, is recognized nationally as a professional expert in the various aspects of urban planning, such as large new neighborhoods, as well as planning complex national transportation and infrastructure projects. The division is highly specialized in urban renewal, with experience backed by a vast number of programs and complexes which were brought to fruition.
    In this field, WXG’s Urban Planning division offers services including analysis of statutory position either before or after the purchase of land, as well as complete management of statutory processes to reach client goals.


Giving back to the community is an intrinsic part of WXG culture, and as such, we have incorporated it in our day-to-day activities.
We strive to contribute to the community as a group and as individuals in a variety of areas.
As a service to the community, we lovingly managed the construction of “The Shanti House”, a warm home for at-risk youth, and “Alin Beit Noam”, a village for people with disabilities.
We encourage our employees to volunteer through “Helpi”, a platform that connects volunteers with a wide range of options to donate their time. Thanks to this platform, volunteer work has become an integral part of WXG.
The company gives employees the opportunity to volunteer during work hours, and we are proud to report that we collectively give more than 1000 hours of volunteer work back to the community each year.
This charity work strengthens us as individuals and as a team, returning its investment in folds.